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Merry Christmakwanzahannukah

The saying goes that Christmas is for the children; that feeling of having to be tucked into bed before midnight on Christmas Eve because Santa can’t come if they aren’t sleeping.  They wake up early and peek out to see the gifts, shiny and wrapped underneath the tree and run to wake up their parents, exhausted from being up wrapping all night.  I think we  can all admit that, although we still love to get presents, it just isn’t the same as we get older.

The truth is, it was never really about the gifts.  Even as we sat and cut pictures out of the Toys ‘R’ Us Catalog, ensuring that Santa couldn’t mix-up what it was we were asking for, there was something more going on.  We could’ve asked our parents for those same toys and, knowing that they stood in line outside of the store for four hours on Thanksgiving night in the freezing cold to make sure they got what we wanted before they sold out, we still wouldn’t feel the same.  The truth is, beyond the toys, new shoes, cell phones, whatever it is we simply couldn’t live without, it was about magic.  It was about tracking Santa (on the radio for those of us who grew up before you could track Santa online).  Christmas was about looking out your window from the backseat of the car on Christmas Eve, holding your breath, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa in his sleigh, flying by over head.  It was about caroling in the snow, that one year that it snowed on Christmas Eve, just before midnight.  And it was about believing your parents when they threatened to call Santa when you were being bad.  Christmas was about that sense that, for twenty-four hours, everything is right in the world and anything is possible.

As we grow older, we lose that sense of wonder that makes childhood so special.    We get wrapped up in the frustration of circling the parking lots for hours looking for somewhere to park that isn’t in a different zip code from the store.  We complain about long lines and things being sold out.  Christmas becomes a chore.  But, whether we are sixty or six or somewhere in between, the true meaning of Christmas should remain the same in our hearts; we should never forget that sense that anything can happen.  We need to find a way to still believe in magic.  There is nothing I could ever unwrap from under my Christmas Tree that could take the place of the memories I have created with the people I love, the big Italian dinners on Christmas Eve, complete with intoxicated over-the-hillers behaving like children; forgetting their cares and their differences.  And, while I no longer believe that a big jolly fat man in a red suit breaks into my house in the middle of the night to leave me presents, I do believe that the holidays are a time of year where people give a little bit more.  I do believe that there are little Christmas miracles happening around us and we can all be a part of making that happen.

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, whatever your beliefs may be, remember that there are others around us who don’t have  nearly as much as we do.  And they aren’t in another country, they are down the street, or right next door.  They have no presents to put underneath their tree for their children.  They have no turkey or ham to cook.  While we are complaining about the long lines, there are people stuck working in those stores on Christmas Eve instead of spending time with their families.  As we are annoyed with the constant ringing of the bells outside the supermarket, being asked for money when we just need to pick up some things to bake yet another batch of cookies, those people ringing the bells have been there for hours.  And they are freezing.  This Christmas, don’t look out the window from the backseat of the car, waiting to see a little magic.  Create a little magic, just one Christmas Miracle of your own.

To you and yours, Merry Christmakwanzahannukah.  And Happy Festivus for the rest of us!!!

Some of my favorite holiday magic:

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About Murphy's Law

You know that cliche that whatever can go wrong will go wrong? Can you think of anywhere else this holds more true than in the dating world? Ever had to change your phone number because someone sent you 150 texts in one day? Or go on a first date with someone you met online, only to find out that there's a reason he was holding his niece in front of half of his face in all of his pictures? Or take you to dinner only to have his ex-girlfriend as your waitress? Yes, the dating world is scary. But the good news is, you're not alone!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmakwanzahannukah

  1. Ya.. On the train both ways, when my friends and I were on our way to Chinatown to get some Holiday grub, there were grown men with their lives packed away in Garbage bags. One was drinking his beer trying to pretend he was happy and making conversation with us. Eventually he broke down mumbling about the holiday and complaining about the damn holiday.

    The other guy didn’t need us for conversation. He had a few people he was talking to. They just weren’t visible to me. It makes me a little sad to even think of it. And then there was the small Chinese man, with black fingernails in Chinatown (not black from polish, but black and bruised from the inside from who knows what.) He was out in the street asking for money while I had just gotten out of a 5 or 6 course Chinese meal that my friends had bough for me (since I’m kinda broke at this point too waiting for my new job to start, but I am BLESSED). I gave him a dollar from the little amount of money I had on me, but after walking a few feet away something prompted me to go back and give him a couple more.

    No one should have to spend Christmas the way these people did and If I were a rich motherfucker, they probably all would have meals and hotel rooms at least until the holiday was over… Or treatment or whatever I could do…

    Good, thought provoking article…

    Wait… Did you say you cut out the pictures in the Toys R Us catalog to make sure you got what you wanted? Hahahahah! Who does that!? 😉

    Posted by Ronnie Libra | December 27, 2011, 8:57 PM
    • You have to be specific if you expect to get what you want out of life! Even with Santa! I still tend to be very specific with my gift wishes and have thought about registering for Christmas LOL. Tacky? Yes. But think of all the time you would save on the return lines on December 26th! Thanks for reading and being a fan. And for doing something kind for others 🙂 We should all pay it forward every chance we get!

      Posted by Murphy's Law | January 15, 2012, 11:23 AM

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